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Remove Evictions from Tenant Reporting Agencies

If you have had evictions, broken leases, late payments, or rental balances, they may be preventing you from getting approved for your dream rental. We offer eviction removal services to help clean up your rental history and remove these evictions from all ten tenant reporting agencies. By removing these evictions, you can open more rental opportunities and improve your chances of being approved.

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Repair Your Credit

We also specialize in credit repair to help you improve your credit score. We can remove collections, repossessions, chargeoffs, judgments, and medical bills to improve your credit score and open more financial opportunities. Our credit repair services also come with a full credit monitoring so you can keep track of your progress.

Eviction and Broken Lease Removal

We understand how evictions and broken leases can affect your rental approval. That’s why our eviction and broken lease removal services can help you get approved for more rental opportunities. We specialize in removing evictions and broken leases from all ten tenant reporting agencies, sharing your rental history with property managers and landlords. Our services can help to restore your rental history and open the door to more rental opportunities.

Designed to Help You

Take control of your rental history today and get your rental and credit back on track. Our eviction removal service is designed to help you remove evictions from tenant reporting agencies and repair your credit. With our specialized eviction removal service, we can help you remove evictions, broken leases, eviction filings, rental balances, and other negative items from your rental history. Plus, we can help you repair your credit by removing collections, repossessions, chargeoffs, judgments, and medical bills.

Professional Credit Assistance

Our credit assistance team is here to help you every step of the way. We provide a full credit analysis of your credit report to determine which negative items to dispute. We understand the importance of cleaning up your rental history and credit quickly and efficiently. With our dispute process, we will help you remove the negative items from your rental and credit report in as little as 6 months to 1 year.

Ready to get started?

Our team of experts is ready to help you clean up your rental history and credit report so you can be approved for more rental opportunities. Get started today and experience a fresh start!

One-Time Setup Fee

$295.00/one time
  • with a full credit analysis

Monthly Service Fee

$99.95/per month
  • billed 30 days after your dispute
As a renter who has been through some unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been struggling to find a rental property due to my poor rental history and bad credit. It all started when I lost my job during a tough economic period, which led to the inevitable eviction from my apartment. Since then, I’ve been bouncing between temporary living arrangements, trying to reestablish my life and secure a stable and comfortable home.
John Smith
Throughout my search for rental properties, I’ve been facing numerous challenges as landlords and property managers are reluctant to rent to someone with a tarnished rental history. That’s when I came across the Second Chance Rental Program Inc. and learned about the incredible services they offer, giving people like me another shot at renting a place to call our own.
Danielle Dunlap
Fort Worth
The Second Chance Rental Program Inc. provides a unique rental method that doesn’t require a social security number. Instead, they issue a fully registered renter’s identification number, which can be used when applying for an apartment or house. This method allows me to obtain approval without sharing my credit or rental history with property managers or landlords.
Shaneeks Hines
To get started, I simply needed to provide my rental history information, balance of judgment, and the eviction timeline to see if I qualify. The best part? Consultation is free!
Lundon Duncan
The program uses cutting-edge technology and systems such as Rent Access Systems, a second chance property listing database, and a secured online client portal to submit my information. In addition, they also offer to backdate my rental history, providing me with a perfect payment record over the last two years.
Kristine Severn
Through the Second Chance Rental Program, I can now access a wide variety of rental properties, including apartments, houses, condos, and even trailers. By targeting properties specifically tailored for renters with rental issues, this program is helping change the rental market for the better and allowing individuals with past mistakes to secure a new home.
Jalani Traylor
By being granted this second chance, I’m determined to use this opportunity to rebuild my rental history by being a responsible and reliable tenant. I’ll make sure to always pay my rent on time and adhere to all lease agreements. This should play a significant role in increasing my chances of securing future rentals without difficulty.
Detran Hicks
In conclusion, the Second Chance Rental Program Inc. has been a godsend for me, and I’m excited to finally have a shot at renting a place I can call home. By utilizing the innovative methods and technology they offer, I can find a suitable rental property and work toward rebuilding my rental credibility, ensuring a brighter future for my living situation.
Tracey Harper
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